Brian et Lynn Yager à Québec, 29 mars 2018

Brian et Lynn Yager à Québec, 29 mars 2018

Brian et Lynn Yager sont venus de la Colombie Britannique pour édifier les croyants de l'Assemblée Évangélique Najoth mercredi en fin après-midi.

Bryan and Lynn were back with us (Najoth) from British Columbia. We were once again blessed by their presence with us.
Bryan gave an excellent message from Psalms 139. From this psalm of David where David spoke of his personal experiences with his Lord, we learn that God knows everything about us and examines us by His loving gaze. He pulls us out of our weaknesses and places us upon a rock. He also knows our thoughts. In stressful situations, we are to focus by waiting upon Him and obtain His perspective. We are NOT to focus upon what is not going well but to trust in His intervention.
My commentary: By speaking to our mountains, they will be displaced (Mark 11:22-24) if we speak to them by faith with the authority that the Lord has given us to exercise.
Back to Bryan's message: Two prayers that we may pray:
1. Is there an area in my life that needs redemption/deliverance from a wound of the past? Are there any hindrances that stop us from advancing?
2. What do you want to do God? God is opening a way for the future to fulfill our God-given desires.
Lastly, God is extraordinary. David invited God to search him without fear – defenseless (he let all his guards down to let God do His work in his life).
Lesson: The more we are secure in His love to allow Him to work in our lives, the more we'll invite Him to search us.

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Najoth : Bible. 1 Samuel 19:23

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